Voodoo Tone

"For fans of rock fusion and progressive
jazz there's plenty of superb guitar work
on Voodoo Tone to make it well worth your while."

Robert Silverstein - 20th Century Guitar Magazine

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Guitarist Andy Rothstein's 2006 release is an eclectic mix of progressive jazz and rock fusion. Voodoo Tone is primarily an instrumental record featuring a lineup of phenomenal players including:

  • Andy Rothstein (Electric and Acoustic guitars)
  • Tony Senatore (bass)
  • Lou Petto (drums)
  • Tom Timko (Saxophonist)
  • Steve Jankowski (trumpet)
  • Link (vocals)
  • Special guest Vinnie Zummo (guitar on Retro Fuso)

  • Engineered by Frank Fagnano
  • Mastered by Andy Van Dette
  • Produced by Frank Fagnano and Andy Rothstein


  1. Brain Power (Rothstein) - 4:45
  2. If Not Now, Then When (Rothstein/Link) - 4:10
  3. Voodoo Tone (Rothstein) - 3:56
  4. #1 (Rothstein/Link) - 5:21
  5. Retro Fuso (Vinnie Zummo) - 3:02
  6. Absinthe (Rothstein/Senatore) - 4:59
  7. Mojito (Rothstein) - 4:49
  8. Giant Steps (John Coltrane) - 6:19
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