• “It was a pleasure and an honor to be involved with Andy's project. He is a first rate soloist and has put together a recording that shows versatility and creativity in his improvisations and in his production concept and compositions” - Lew Soloff (Trumpeter)

  • Andy’s playing is so inspired and musical and joining this group of musician was truly an honor for me - Van Romaine (Drummer)

  • “…The result is a guided guitar tour of several decades of music, with nods to the artist’s many influences, including Pat Martino and Stevie Ray Vaughn, as well as Kevin Eubanks and Ted Dunbar, both of whom Rothstein studied with. He learned well, playing here with taste, a clean pure tone and musical skills that impress without begging for attention.” - Tony Mottola, Editor, Jersey Jazz, The Journal of the NJ Jazz Society

  • "Andy Rothstein's latest CD, "Wit of the Staircase," has an impressive lineup with some of the best players of our time. But what's truly impressive, is the music these Giants of Jazz make together! When co-producer/Bassist extraordinaire Tony Senatore lobbed this musical grenade into my tent, it exploded with such intensity, I had to stop what I was doing, and take the ride. Andy's guitar playing has matured into an original voice...something that sadly eludes most of us guitar players. Any band that plays Coltrane's "Giant Steps," as a slow, sexy ballad, instead of the usual light-speed shred-fest...gets my attention right away. Seriously...this is a wonderful collection of musical gems...performed by the crown jewels of Jazz. I love this record." - Dann Glenn - Guitarist/Composer

  • "For fans of rock fusion and progressive jazz there's plenty of superb guitar work on Voodoo Tone to make it well worth your while." - Robert Silverstein - 20th Century Guitar Magazine

  • “Rothstein takes “Giant Steps” in making himself a known factor in the world of jazz-rock-fusion six-string wizardry” - Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck-http://www.muzikreviews.com
  • “Great Sound, super Musicians, solid Songwriting,and Andy plays his guitar with taste in every style he covers on this cd.” - Kevin McCabe - The Westwood Music Group

  • "Andy's a killer guitar player. That's obvious right from the start. But he's also quite a songwriter, as well as interpreter, and all of his skills shine through on this thoroughly enjoyable CD. A little bit jazz, a little bit rock, a little bit fusion, and a little bit groove. Andy & his fellow musicians cover so many bases, and I found myself playing it again as soon as it was over. Very highly recommended." - Rich Kamerman  - Brunswick Records

  • "The collection of music on this CD is very diverse in its presentation of the various musical genres from jazz, pop, hard rock, alternative and more. There is something for everyone on this CD, and each and every song has a musical element that should be intriguing to any ear, regardless of the musical style. The musicianship on the CD is phenomenal, in regards to playing, arrangement and composition of the songs themselves. There are instrumentals and songs with vocals, a musical medley which includes some introspective cuts and some very catchy songs indeed. Definitely deserves a listen and place in the daily rotation of people’s music play lists. BUY IT!!!!!" - Mark Erlenwein

  • When I received the new Andy Rothstein CD "Voodoo Tone" in the mail from my old friend master bassist Tony "Senny" Senatore, I sat down in my studio, ripped the plastic off and tossed it into the system with the same anticipation as a kid who opens that one birthday or Christmas present that he "knows" is exactly what he wanted. It may not have been a Red Ryder BB gun with a compass in the stock, but that's a good thing and I certainly wasn't disappointed. Nope - there is no "pink bunny suit" here.

    Each track has it's own personality and groove to it that makes every subsequent listen a new musical journey of discovery. It's an infectious combination of Jazz, Fusion, Rock, Latin, Classical and many other influences (except RAP, thank goodness) that, in effect, becomes more of an “experience” as it is absorbed into the soul as opposed to music that is just "listened" too. With all these inspirations integrated, there is still a definite uniqueness that allows this artistic statement to stand as a testament to true musicality. It can be truly enjoyed and defined as art.

    Andy is a well-known craftsman in our business for his excellent instrument creations from guitars to 12 string basses to unique electronic "mods". This recording just shows that his talents and drive for the best quality goes beyond just being a top-notch luthier. Unlike a lot of things coming out these days where every song on a CD has to sound the same because some sort of preconceived "formula", this CD has a wonderful "organic" vibe to it that is not only really exciting, it's actually "refreshing", in the true sense of the word.

    In a time where digital "smashing" has wrecked so many excellent recordings, the engineering, mastering and production quality of this record can only be described as "old school" and reflects the wonderful professionalism and talent of all those involved. Frank Fagnano's incredible engineering skill once again shines through, and mastering engineer Andy VanDette adds that final touch, making it a true joy to play. It sounds just as good playing through a car stereo or home system as it does a high-end recording studio system. How many records out there these days can REALLY say that.

    I highly recommend this to any music fan, especially those who dig thoughtful and interesting songs that weren't written just to be "background" or "filler" music to drown out the external sounds of life. This IS the sound of life, so listen, enjoy and "live it".
    Jon Pomplin - Producer/Artist - Declassified Records - http://www.declassifiedrecords.com



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